Procurement Services

Byteplus Limited provides procurement advisory and delivery solutions to help reduce supply risk and improve procurement effectiveness. We procure from China, the USA, UK, and various countries outside Nigeria.

We supply, install various goods and services. Engineering, IT, Medical, Agricultural, etc services are some of the many things we procure.

Web Development

With the continuous migration of businesses to the internet, Web application processes are fast gaining prominence. We take the lead in the provision of web applications. We develop to suit the needs of our various clients.

ICDL Training

Are you in need of an Internationally recognised ICT certificate? Byteplus Limited is a licensed ICDL (International Computer Driving License) Center. We train organizations, schools, and institutions within Nigeria.


The e-school concept is an innovative Byteplus signature product, designed on a robust enterprise system. Strategically designed to leverage the cloud architecture to provide seamless e-learning tools for academic institutions.

Wireless Internet Service Provision

The provision of sustainable last mile for internet service delivery became a forte of Byteplus Limited with the emergence of numerous submarine cable vendors and the attendant reduction in the cost of wholesale internet
services nationwide, Under strong partnerships (both technical and sales agreements) with leading wireless service
providers like Tranzeo, First Wireless, and Qkon Pty, we are constantly bridging the gap in the delivery of internet
access to remote parts of Nigeria.

ICT Consultancy Services

Byteplus Limited provides consultancy services to various public and private organizations including educational
institutions, churches, NGOs as well as digital resource center operators. The company also contributes towards
shaping the country’s ICT policy by providing input to the formulation of various policies of ICT regulatory bodies.
The company’s directors are also on the board of a number of ICT regulatory bodies in Nigeria, notably ATCON, NIRA
and NIG.

Get Your ICT Solutions Now

We render services to all the states across the country and delivering quality services to suit the needs of our esteemed clients.