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We have created a platform for students on our website to allow them test their intellectual abilities.


On e-learning, we create contents using S.C.O.R.M (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) to drive the educational institution to the next level.


Byteplus is working with a group of schools on L.M.S (Learning Management System) to make learning easy and comfortable.

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    Our Services are Exceptional
    We use quality products on job execution
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    Try out our S.C.O.R.M
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    We use the technology of tommorow to solve today's problems

Our Services Some of what we offer

Bespoke System Engineering

Byteplus adopts bespoke system engineering to design solutions tailored towards clients’ need utilizing process driven requirement analysis. We produce and integrate smart technologies to help our clients effectively drive their core business values. We offer process and product re-engineering as well as integrate technology to help clients drive their core business process.

System Architecture and Integration

We provide organization-specific assessment analysis; ICT solutions for enhancing business processes to institutions and companies that lack relevant knowledge and direction for improving their effectiveness.

Client Assisted Infrastructural Design and Finance

We have partners’ relations with institutions and companies to speed up their infrastructural development as well as capacity to provide services. Under this partnership, Byteplus provides financing through its partners to facilitate smooth development and set up. We adopt Public Private Partnership (PPP) to promote the effective utilization of the infrastructure.

  • S.C.O.R.M DEVELOPMENT A better way to reach your students

    Our S.C.O.R.M Packages for learning institutions are of various categories and are designed on these demands

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    • Educational Content

      Our S.C.O.R.M Package is purely meant for educational purposes
    • Available to all Educational Levels

      Our S.C.O.R.M Package cuts accross various levels in the educational sector (nursery, primary, secondary and tetiary)
    • Fully Responsive

      S.C.O.R.M works on all platforms (mobile or computer)

Since its incorporation 15 years ago, Byteplus Limited has successfully handled an unending array of challenging projects. Amongst others, below are some of our major projects

Partnering with EAC, We Offer CBT/Testing-Center Training with the use of 21st Century ICT Facility in Ibadan

" Byteplus Limited also partners with Modul University Dubai & The University of Nebraska, Omaha on capacity Building for Nigeria Tertiary Institutions. "

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